• Bacillus cereus culture media

Bacillus cereus culture media

High selective media

  • High selectivity & specificity
  • Internationally validated
  • Cost & time saving method

BACARA®: chromogenic media & method for the enumeration of Bacillus Cereus in food products


This Chromogenic medium guarantees both fast and reliable results. Its specific nutrient base and antibiotic specific mix allow extremely high selectivity.

Fast and Easy interpretation

  • Bacillus cereus colonies turn pink-orange with an opaque halo

Alternative method to ISO 7932 for the enumeration of Bacillus Cereus

  • ISO 16140 validated method

  • Simplified protocol: cost & time saving method

Only 24h incubation
Only 1 plate per dilution
No confirmation needed

  • Flexibility for low numbers enumeration: <10 cfu/g

By surface inoculation: 1mL on large plates (Ø140mm)
By poured plate method

  • Included in the FDA BAM


Other conventional media for the enumeration of Bacillus Cereus

Standard media (MYP AGAR) is available in three different formats:

  • Dehydrated media
  • Plates
  • Bottles


 To see other available products for the enumeration of Bacillus Cereus, visit our e-catalogue.

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